Service Projects & Volunteer Activities

Downtown Westfield Association
Providing entertainment for the Westfield Farmer's Market is a great opportunity to share my passion for music with the community.

Westfield Farmers Market


Benefits & Fundraising
Performing musical entertainment services for fundraising benefits including the The Riley Foundation, National Foundation for Transplants, and Ride to Recycle is another means of giving back.

Remax Riley Golf Benefit


Church Productions 
Becoming part of the tech booth team introduced me to working with auditorium-scale audio and video equipment, as well as on the spot trouble shooting and problem solving during live performances.

Church Production Thumb

Arts & Culture Journalism    Article submissions for our area's number one independent monthly, Liberty Monthly, allows me to explore many facets of local arts and culture... from spoken word and music, food and lifestyle, to design and education. *Articles are no longer available online.

Arts and Culture Journalism Thumbnail

Arts and Culture Journalism