Flash Animation for Trade Show Demonstration    I created this flash animation for a client trade show demonstration in the luxury marine market. The project objectives were to demonstrate the innovative propulsion system while customers waited to drive the boat; and display real time data of the boat's mechatronic responses to driver action while they drove.
The animations were created in Adobe Flash, coded into the control system with AS2, then loaded onto the hard-drive of an on-dash, touch screen display.

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Flash Animation for Trade Demonstration   The success of the previous demo led to another animation project where the control system was demonstrated in a gaming style fashion.

Flash Animation for Trade Show thumb

Software Application User Interface Design   I worked briefly with Microsoft Expressions Design and Blend to carry the company brand into the look and feel of a new software application. The color scheme and pallette designs were laid out for reference, while the ribbon bar buttons were designed and exported into xaml assets for use in the actual software shell.

Software Application User Inteface thumb Software Application User Inteface thumb